Having received many international requests, we at the Olive Oil School of Spain have decided to offer our olive oil tasting courses in English.

It is widely accepted that interest in virgin olive oil, and especially extra virgin olive oil, is growing, and for good reason.

A culture of health and eating well, along with the rise of attention given to gastronomy in the media has brought virgin olive oil into the limelight. Even though olive oil is one of the healthiest fats there is, it is surprisingly under-utilized, even in Spain which is, of course, the largest producer of olive oil in the world.

Olive oil is making its way into consumer households, most notably in countries where it is not produced, and where olive oil is not traditionally consumed.

Spain, perfect location where to learn about olive oil

Until now, countries other than Spain have been considered the top experts in quality olive oil, and anyone interested in learning about olive oil tasting or production typically looked to them as their main reference point. These countries were quite deft in marketing olive oil whereas Spain lagged behind in this aspect.

Thus these countries have dominated the world of education about olive oil at an international level, most specifically for English-speaking countries. For us at the Olive Oil School of Spain, we feel that this is not consistent with the fact that Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil (the livihood of thousands of families in Spain make it one of the cornerstones of the Spanish economy), but moreover and perhaps as a consequence, it is also the world’s leading investor in olive oil research and development. It makes sense, then, that we should also be international leaders in olive oil training for English-speaking countries.

For these reasons, we have carefully prepared this course on olive oil, Level 1 Olive Oil Sommelier Course, for those who may not be Spanish speakers.

We believe that this course will lead the way for further courses for English speakers, and we are confident that the content is of the highest quality regarding the subject of olive oil.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to making Spain the go-to place for international olive oil training.

Susana Romera. Technical Director. Olive Oil School of Spain.

This course is designed for

This course is designed for professionals and non-professionals interested in learning both how to taste olive oil along with important questions of how quality olive oil is produced.

Objectives and content

The goal of Level 1 Olive Oil Sommelier Course in English is to teach all of those interested how to taste olive oil and how quality olive oil is produced.


Specific topics

  • Classification of olive oils
  • Quality criteria
  • Olive and olive oil varietals
  • Production processes
  • Olive oil defects
  • Gastronomy
  • Visit to an olive oil mill

Teaching team

Susana Romera, Technical Director. Olive Oil School of Spain. Expert Olive
Gonzalo Pin, Master Miller. Expert Olive Oil Sommelier, Specialist in olive oil
Gregorio Arranz, Expert Olive Oil Sommelier, Chef


This course will qualify students to attend Level 2 course which grant the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification by the Olive Oil School of Spain.

Come to Valencia, Spain, for olive oil training in the heart of the world’s largest producer of olive oil.


Visit an authentic olive oil mill, and learn with olive oil experts in tasting and gastronomy.

Timetable and registration fees

Cost for the course is 620.00€ (plus tax)

2017: 24-26 October (inclusive)


The inscriptions are processed through our online store at the following link: https://evcata.es/en/store/level-1-olive-oil-sommelier-course/

After you have paid for the course, we will send you a form to fill out with the necessary information we need to complete your registration.

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